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Here is how it goes down I'm a writer NOT a artist, I DO NOT want hate comments or negative words. If you do this I will not hesitate to block you or report you. I own my stories and some photos, take them or copy them and YOU WILL BE SORRY.




Celera Bubble
Age: 24
Build: 5"8, has a curvy frame and is a little fluffier than most women. 
Eye Color: Green Eyes
Skin Color: Light blue with green dots
Hair Color: Long Light pink with bunny ears
Family: Annabelle (Adoptive mother), Lance Grace (Fiance), Kelani Grace (deceased son), Neviah Grace (Daughter), Everett Grace (Son), Ellie Grace (adoptive daughter). 
Personality: To everyday people she is a nice and caring person who loves nearly everyone she meets. Since she is a candy shop owner she is used to talking and greeting anyone who comes into her store. She is a great business person and knows how to balance a good store and keep it running. She now has two candy stores in two kingdoms, both going pretty well. Now with her family her personality doesn't change, but only if it involves keeping her children in line. She is motherly and will protect her children with a fierce determination, in other words don't mess with her children. Now with her Fiance, Lance Grace, she is very mischievous and almost always takes every chance to get him. Although he is beginning to get use to her mischievousness. 
Sexuality: Straight


                A young woman with long fluffy light pink hair and blue skin sat on the front porch with a young man. Now he had long ropey black and red hair that would taste like liquorish if you tried it. The young woman laid her head on the man’s shoulder as she watched three children giggle and run around in the grassy front yard of their house out in the country. Two of the children looked like a perfect combination of the two while the other looked like her father except for her eyes. The two younger children belonged to the pair biologically, while the oldest only belonged to the young man. Although the young woman had adopted his daughter as if she had been her own.

                The young boy ran a couple feet before tumbling down and staining his pants. Despite getting a scraped knee he got right back up and ran after his twin and older sister. He was a hard one to knock down and his mother often called him a ruffian because nothing really stopped him from getting hurt. He caught back up after his twin sister and got into pace with them. The young woman laughed when they all crowded together around a rock that had mud around it. No doubt she’ll need to give them a bath afterwards. Pulling the rock up his twin sister giggled when she pulled out a large centipede. She held it to her brother who shank back from the centipede. His sister just laughed and let it slither around her arm.

                “She’s such an evil little thing,” the young woman said. “I’m so proud of her.”

                “She takes after you ya know,” the young man said kissing her head lightly. They both chuckled when they heard the twins make gagging noises in their direction.

                “Yep,” she watched the children play for a little while longer. Getting up she stepped off the porch and onto the grass. Heading towards the garden she opened the gate, going to close the gate it got caught on something. Looking back she saw Ellie coming in behind her. “Need something?”

                Ellie shook her head and came to stand beside her. At seven years old she was starting to resemble her mother a little bit more. While she took no personality traits from her she still shared her eyes and her build. While she hoped that Ellie would never follow in her mother’s footsteps, she wanted her to go her own path. “No, I just wanted to help you garden,” she bent down and got a basket.

                She smiled. “Alright,” being the summer the crops were starting to ripen. She often kept baskets out in the garden for normally she came back into the house with too much to carry. “Want to see how your garden is doing?” she asked Ellie walking through the aisles.

                “Yeah,” she kept beside her adoptive mother as they made their way towards the back of the garden where Ellie’s portion was. Getting there she brightened up, most of her crops had gone into bloom or had produce waiting. “Look!” she exclaimed looking at all the crops that were bearing produce. Looking at the plants she stopped when she noticed one in the corner that had nothing going on with it. “What’s wrong with this one?”

                Celera came up beside her and looked at the plant. “Most farmers call that a Late Bloomer. Takes a while to bloom and produce food. Most people don’t plant it, but when and if you do it gives you the best produce. They usually sell for quite the pretty penny since most people don’t bother with it. All you have to do is take care of it and just make sure it has everything it needs until it’s ready.”

                Ellie looked at the plant and mentally deciding that she would take care of the plant until it was ready. They spent a couple hours in the garden until Celera had to carry a couple baskets into the house. Coming into the house she saw her husband on the couch watching the TV. “I assume the twins are taking their naps?” she said setting the food down on the counter.

                “They are,” he said getting up off the couch. “They had just fallen asleep just as you came into the house,” he hugged her waist and kissed her cheek. “Is Ellie still out in the garden?”

                “Yeah, she’s taking care of her Late Bloomer,” she saw his confused look. “It’s a plant that takes a while to bloom and produce. I think Ellie just got it not knowing what it was.”

                “Think she’ll take care of it until it blooms?” Lance asked helping her wash the produce.

                “I think she will, I have faith in her,” she said walking off with the cleaned baskets of produce.


                Weeks passed as Ellie monitored the Late Bloomer. She kept a close eye on it not wanting to miss its first bud or miss it blooming. Celera would occasionally have to come out and check on Ellie to make sure she wasn’t forgetting to do something. She would come sometimes to sit with her and chat while they sat around the plant. Sometimes even Lance would come out and sit with them to just enjoy their company or soak in the sun rays.

                One evening Celera had come out to check on the plant, she nearly dropped her basket when she saw the plant glowing. Storming into the house she startled Lance from feeding the twins. “What’s wrong?”

                “No time to explain!” she said sprinting down the hallway and into Ellie’s room. Ellie’s head snapped up from her video call with her friend.

                “Mom!” Ellie complained as Celera hauled up over her shoulder. “What are you doing?!”

                “No time!” she said running back down the hallway with Ellie bouncing up on her back. Ellie complained all along the way until they got to the garden.

                “What was all that…” she trailed off when she saw the plant. “What…what’s happening?”

                “It’s blooming,” Celera said setting her down to glowing plant. “It only took a month and half, but all your care finally got it to bloom. Good job,” she said smiling at Ellie.

                “Thanks,” together they watched the white bloom slowly opening. When it fully opened it mimicked the moon that was starting to appear in the sky. “We have another moon, it’s so beautiful.”

                “It is,” Celera smiled.

                Through the years she had been with the Grace family she had learned about something that she couldn’t live without. Love had grown a family and had grown three beautiful children. Love had given her a daughter that she thought of as hers, even though she knew she wasn’t. Lance came out and smiled when he saw the little flower on the plant. He sat down next to Celera and kissed her with the sleeping twins in his arms. 

    So I want to get back in touch with my DA little sisters and I want to talk to some of my oldest watchers. I just want to thank y'all for watching me for all these years I've had this account up. I really appreciate it. 

    Also to all my friends I have made over DA: *Bear Hug* :iconhugplz:

Watch these music videos:

Mark Ronson - Uptown Funk ft. Bruno Mars

Sheppard - Geronimo (Lyrics)

            “Steven!” Connie cried lurching up on the bed. Her eyes were wide with fear and worry as she looked around the small beach shack that was built attached to the outside of the Gem Temple. In was in the middle of the night and all the Gems were in the temple doing Gem things. All except Steven, he lay beside her on his back with his arm dangling off the side of the bed. Apparently Garnet had heard her cry since she had come out of the temple moments after she had cried out for Steven.

            “What is wrong Connie?” Garnet asked in her usual toneless accented voice.

            Putting her head in her hands she looked down at Steven who was still very much asleep. “I had another nightmare about losing Steven on our last mission.”

            Garnet, even though she rarely showed emotion, motioned for her to come down. Getting off the bed she made sure not to wake Steven even though he was a deep sleeper. Pulling one of Steven’s overly large shirts to cover herself up she made her way down to Garnet. Getting to her she walked off and through the front door and onto the porch. Following her Connie watched as Garnet plopped down on the edge of the deck letting her legs hand loose. Connie did the same as her. 

            “What is the dream exactly about?” Garnet asked looking out over the sea.

            She thought for a moment trying to call all the details to her mind. “Well it basically has to do with losing him whenever you bring me on one of your missions. The last mission he got seriously injured; even though he healed pretty quickly I was still worried that I would lose him. His arm was just hanging by the skin, he had a slash dangerously close to a major vein in his arm, and it took him a full two minutes for him to recover his memory,” she was quiet for a moment willing herself not to cry. “I just don’t want to lose him, he is after all the only person I have left beside the Gems.”

            Garnet only nodded and stared out at the sea, she already knew the sacrifice she had to pay in order to be with Steven.

Two years ago…

            “Steven…” his head perked up as soon as he heard Connie’s voice outside the beach house. Getting up he walked over to the door where he noticed a very upset Connie with a suitcase. Quickly opening the door he pulled her into a hug. That was when Connie lost it; she broke down with him holding her out on the deck. “They…they disowned me.”

            “Connie,” he picked her up and carried her into the beach house bridal style. If Connie hadn’t been broken down in that moment she would have been blushing like crazy. He sat her down on the couch letting her fall into him while she cried.

            “They found out I was secretly dating you,” she sobbed. “Also that I was going out on missions with you and the Gems.”

            “It’ll be alright Connie,” he said rubbing her back.

            “How can it be alright? They’re my parents!” she half yelled through a sob, but soon broke down once again. “What really got them was somehow they found out that we’ve been fusing together. Apparently Lars had told his friends and it had spread like wildfire. It was a miracle it took a while for it reach my mom and dad, but when they found out they blew up. They called me a disgrace, they were shameful that I was their daughter, and worst of all they said they hoped to never see me again.”

            Steven shifted himself so that he buried his face into her hair. “It’ll heal over time, but in the meantime you can stay here. I’m sure the Gems wouldn’t mind,” he said turning her face to his. “No matter what happens there will always be someone who loves you endlessly,” he kissed her softly muffling the heavy sobs until they were gone.

Two years later…

            “Now I am terrified of losing him, I’ll be all alone if that ever happens. I don’t want to live alone again,” she propped her arms up on the railing and laid her head on her arms.

            Garnet smirked and Connie looked up to the tall woman. “You sound a lot like Rose Quartz when she was first pregnant with Steven. She was so petrified of losing him even though she knew she couldn’t exist alongside him. It took us a while to get back to normal after Steven was born because our leader was now gone. For the longest time Pearl hated Greg even though she knew Rose had loved him, even though her hate for him has greatly diminished she still holds some hatred for the man.”

            Connie was quiet for a long moment thinking over what Garnet had said. “I can see where Rose Quartz was coming from. I wouldn’t want to lose him either,” she was quiet again before she sighed and spoke again. “I guess I can just hope he’ll never get hurt.”

            They sat in silence before they heard Steven from inside the beach house. “Connie…” he said softly.

            She grinned, he must be searching for her. He had grown used to feeling her presence there with him. Which was a part of the main reason he never slept inside the temple even though it was safe for him now. Connie got up and walked into the beach house, she stopped in the doorway and looked back at Garnet. “Thank you.”

            “Mhm, that’s what I do for our honorary Gem,” Garnet said back to her going back into the temple.

            Walking back up the steps to the loft she pulled Steven’s shirt off and crawled back into the bed next to Steven. He rolled over and pulled her small body into the curve of his. Despite having shared a bed with him for nearly three years, she still wasn’t used to his touch during the night. His eyes opened slowly to look at her. “My Connie.”

            “My Steven,” Connie kissed his forehead gently before laying her head against his bare chest. 

            The next morning Steven woke up to find Connie curled into a small ball in the curve of his chest. As the sun’s rays poured into the room he looked down at the sun playing lightly on her face. She looked like a sleeping angel to him. He brushed her hair out of her face before lightly kissing her as he got up. Connie murmured before waking up to see Steven stretch on the edge of the bed. While he was still a pretty bulky person, training with the Gems have managed to trim him down and add a firmness to his bulk. In the sunlight she smiled when she noticed his hair had a light pink hew to it. His tight curls weren’t the only thing Rose Quartz had managed to give to him, besides his powers.

            Watching him moving down in the kitchen in only his boxers a thought came into her head. What if they had children? Laying her head down on the mattress she thought while she watched Steven. Would that even be possible? Sure Steven was Human and could possibly live after having children, but what were the odds of their child surviving? She sighed unsure what to think.

            “What’s the matter Connie?” Steven asked from the couch down below her.

            “What if we had kids?” she nearly jumped up when she heard his cough on his cereal. “Are you alright Steven?”

            “Yeah…yeah I am,” sitting down the cereal bowl he climbed back up the steps to their bed. “What brought this on?”

            She shrugged. “I was just curious if it was possible if we could conceive a child. I’m Human and your half-Human so there could be more of a chance the baby could survive. Plus I would be the one carrying the baby so we wouldn’t have to worry about you having to give up for physical form.”

            Steven was quiet for a moment thinking. It wasn’t that he hadn’t thought of having kids with Connie before and having kids would be great. The only thing that held him back was a couple of things he knew could possibly happen. The baby wouldn’t make it to full term, Connie wouldn’t make it through the pregnancy, the pregnancy would go wrong, or they couldn’t even have children. Steven sighed leaning back to look at Connie. “Can we ask the gems about this before we try?”

            She moved to sit cross legged on the bed. “Sure and I don’t mean we have to try right away. I’d just like kids somewhere along the road.”

            Steven smiled at her before getting off the bed. “I’ll be back in a couple of minutes,” he walked down the steps to the temple door. Opening the door with his gem he walked inside with the door closing behind him.



            Garnet, Pearl, and Amethyst sat around on little cloud chair’s in Rose Quartz’s old room that now belonged to Steven. Pearl had her legs crossed while she thought over what he had just told them. “It is possible since Rose was able to conceive you with Greg,” there was a small hint of disgust when she talked about Steven’s father. “But we don’t know what it would do to you.”

            “I’m thinking I could easily survive to see my child be born, since I am a male and I’m half human. My mom was a woman and she was a full Gem. So I could easily survive,” he sat back in his chair crossing his arms over his chest.

            “Steven does have a point,” Garnet said.

            “The only thing I’m worried about is Connie. She’ll be carrying a baby that would have some Gem genetics in her, assuming the baby is a girl. My mom had to give up her physical form to bring me into the world. So I’m thinking the pregnancy could either be hard on her or possibly kill her. I want to know if it was possible to avoid that,” Steven said seriously.

            Everyone was quiet for a moment until Pearl finally spoke up, but this time to Garnet. “We’re reconnected to the Colonies now. We could take her to Alpha Centari where they have the most advanced medicine in the galaxy. With their help Connie could survive the pregnancy if it indeed becomes a life threatening problem,” Pearl spoke.

            “But the Home world still considers us fugitives,” Amethyst spoke up.

            “But the Colonies don’t. We’ve saved half the Colonies from corrupted Gems and the Colonies that wanted to separate from the Home world. They wouldn’t dare attack any hospital in Alpha Centari because that’s the galaxy’s heart for medicine. If they attacked there then they would be putting the entire galaxy at risk, even the Gem Home world. So she would be safe there,” Garnet said.

            “So we’re good to go there. What about getting her to port through?” Steven said looking at them.

            “That’s…that’s a good question,” Pearl thought for a moment. “He could possibly fuse with her long enough to get her through the portal.”

            “What about the baby?” Steven asked. “I don’t want to fuse with her if it means putting the baby at risk.”

            “Well I’m not entirely sure Steven. If she can’t fuse or it puts the baby in risk, then we’ll just have to stay here on earth for the child’s delivery. Even if it puts Connie or the baby at great risk,” Pearl said wishing there was another way.

            Then Amethyst spoke up. “What if we brought one of the doctors here?”

            Pearl and Steven’s ears perked up. “That could be possible, if the doctor is a gem. Although we’d have to do screenings to make sure she wasn’t a spy or anything along those lines,” Pearl said.

            “So it’s settled, we can have a baby, but we’d have to be careful. I have to tell Connie,” Steven couldn’t contain the happiness. Getting out of his chair he made a door appear, before turning around he looked back at the Gems. “Don’t come into the Beach House at night for a month or two.” 


MissFleetingChance's Profile Picture
Antoinette M. Brookshire
Artist | Student | Literature
United States
"I was once content to stay on the outside of the mirror and look at the person that I would become. I was more than happy just to sit back and watch the world go on without me. Sure I had my moments where I actually wanted to step into the stream and get carried away with life, but I would always shake my head no and go sit back down going back to being happy watching the world go by without me. Well I'm kicking that person to the curve. I'm tired of watching the world go by, I'm tired of being out of the stream. I'm ready to smash that mirror I've been looking at and pull that person out, I-I'm ready to become that person that god put in my mother's womb and then later on the Earth he created. I don't know what that person is going to become or what she'll do. But hey, let's just jump in the stream and see."

I'm a Open-minded Sassy Stubborn Christian that loves learning about the world. If you're a living being I'll warm up to you, but beware I have my claws and I ain't afraid to use them if you hurt me or someone I care about.

Likes: Tennessee Walking Horses, Gaited Horses, Pranking, my DA family, my family, my unblooded family, Music, Folk, Indie, Trance, Club/House music, The simple things, writing, my friends, Adventure time, Steven Universe, Regular show, Discovery, Dirty Jobs, History, National Geographic, etc.

Dislikes: O3o I ain't tellin

Music Likes: Anything that floats my boat.

Age: Wouldn't you like to know?

My DA Family!!

My little sisters:

:iconmissbillyf: ~ :iconoreo5317: ~ :iconmidnightgamer96:

My Best Friend:
    So I want to get back in touch with my DA little sisters and I want to talk to some of my oldest watchers. I just want to thank y'all for watching me for all these years I've had this account up. I really appreciate it. 

    Also to all my friends I have made over DA: *Bear Hug* :iconhugplz:

Watch these music videos:

Mark Ronson - Uptown Funk ft. Bruno Mars

Sheppard - Geronimo (Lyrics)

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